09-471 Pile weather strip (adhesive)

Pile weather strip for aluminium profile wardrobe

There are different types of adhesive base:
A – black foamed layer of adhesive strip. If you stick it once, it can not be removed easily, will have to tear off the adhesive layer. Thickness of the layer: 1.2mm-1.5 mm.
B – glue is sprayed to the textile base.
C – doublesided 3M adhesive base. Thickness of the layer:~0.5 mm.
D – doublesided adhesive base (local brand).Thickness of the layer:~0.5 mm.

There are pile strips of different widths and pile heights.
The regular types of the strips have following width: 5,6,7,9,11 mm
The thickness of the strip base (not including glue layer) ~0.7 mm
The deviation of the width of strip +/-0.2 mm

Types of pile’ stitch-in:
2P2L: two rows are stitched together in two lines
3P2L: three rows are stitched together in two lines (two rows are stiched in pair). This pile is bushy, but not wide. It is the most popular way of stitching among the standard types of piles 5х4, 5х6, 7х5.
3P3L: three rows are stitched in three lines.
4P4L: four rows are stitched in four lines.

Product material: plastic PP