10-141 Dowel for eccentric, self tapping

– Freely rotating plastic sleeve let you hold the dowel in correct and straight position when installing, that provides easy, quick and stable work.
– Enlarged steel stopper ring.
– Deep thread provides better fixaton.
– Euroscrew thread for hole 5mm.
– Dowel length 20 or 30mm
– Dowel can be mounted with cross screwdriver PH2 or PZ2.
– Plastic sleeve can be produced in different colours.

Product material: steel, plastic
Product finish: zinc plated


L=35mm, A=24,B=11
Cam distance (A): 24
Diameter (D): 7
Neck: 3.2
Thread: 6.3x11


L=45mm, A=34,B=11
Cam distance (A): 34
Diameter (D): 7
Neck: 3.2
Thread: 6.3x11