05-620 Castor PU, w/ plate, without brake

– Soft noiseless motion, outer layer is made of high quality PU or budget-friendly PVC.
– Castors are made of good quality plastic material.
– Castors don’t have odour.
– Castors don’t leave “black lines’ on floor when used.
– Castors don’t deformed under the standard load.
– Packed 4 pcs in a polybag.

PU – is bright, with smooth surface and good resistance, more expensive, better quality.
PVC – softer material, surface is matte, price is lower.

Buffer layer must not be very soft, it must resist the pressure. In fact, if it looks like a rubber and is very soft, this quality is low, it doesn’t have enough resist and will wear out very quick.

Product material: plastic, steel
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50mm, 38x38x1,5mm,PU
Diameter (D): 50
Load: 40 kg
Plate: 38x38x1.5


50mm, 38x38x1,5mmPVC
Diameter (D): 50
Plate: 38x38x1,5