2011 year: we developed 33 new items

At the end of the year companies are summarizing the achivements of the year. We will not talk about usual  achivements, such as below, because most of the serious companies have achieved these goals evenn in this difficult and unstable year:

– increase of  turnover,

– increase in number of customers,

– increase in staffs,

– optimization of work.

We want to share our most important success. During 2011 year our company in cooperation with our customers developed 33 new items. To do it we had to make 47 new die-casting mold or stamps. Most of these items are already in serial production. The rest will be completed in January, before Chinese New Year. This number doesn’t include uncompleted projects, that were closed on different stage due to reasonable matters. During the development of new items all technical documentations and drawing are prepared by our own staffs.

We are proud of this success and are going to keep on developing new items together with our customers. We believe that fresh view and new products will provide stability, development and competitivness to companies.

We wish you stable and  successful New 2012 Year.