04-641 Castor, w/ plate, with brake

– Castor body is made of zinc alloy, bright center of the wheel is made of stainless steel.
– There are different types of quality, it depends on quality of zinc alloy, thickness (or weight) of material, width of the front cover.
– The appearance depends on the quality of polish and plating.

Product material: zinc alloy, plastic, steel
Product finish: chrome plated


40mm, 37x37x1,0mm
Diameter: 40
Height: 60
Plate: 37x37x1,0


40mm, 38x38x1,8mm
Diameter: 40
Height: 59
Plate: 38x38x1.2
Weight: 81.5 gr


50mm, 48х48x1,5mm
Diameter: 50
Height: 65
Plate: 48x48x1.5
Weight: 115 gr