01-071 Soft-closing hinge, 3D

Cup diameter: 35mm
Opening angle: 100°
Cap depth: 13.5mm
Closing type: soft closing, adjustment in 3 dimensions
Installation: clip-on
Door thickness: 18-20mm
Overlay adjustment: ±2.5mm
Depth adjustment: ±2.5mm
Height adjustment: ±2.0mm

For activating the soft closing it is enough to open the door till 10° only
The speed of the door closing can be adjusted:
– tightening the adjustment screw will lead to increasing the speed of the door closing
– slightly unscrewing will slow down the door closing



Crank: full overlay
Holes: 48
Weight: 101.8 gr


Crank: half overlay
Holes: 48


Crank: inset
Holes: 48